Monday, September 21, 2009


Just a random thought.
Do humans bring destruction to themselves by thinking too much or thinking too little on one thing?
Because I think I'm starting to destroy my life now...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last Samurai

"Japan was made by a handful of brave men. Warriors, willing to give their lives for what seems to have become a forgotten word: honor. "
So out of the blue, I decided to rewatch (The) Last Samurai today.
I have to admit, it is one of my favourite movies of all time. It has everything a good movie should; romance, comedy, meaningful quotes, beautiful scenery, action...
I would proudly say that I cried watching this movie, always at the last part, when Katsumoto dies. This scene is somewhat symbolic, since it displays the end of the samurai era.
It actually made me wonder, whether having samurais in Japan is a bad thing or a good thing. Sure, some samurais were bad. Some samurais were corrupted...And they stuck to traditional customs and ways, displayed in the movie, they kept Japan innocent, and 'honorable'.
The bravery those warriors had, is unmatchable. Defend your father and comrades while they escape...
Charging against machine guns....
I really have to hand it to those guys...They are just...*sigh. Braver than anyone.
Anyway, I just thought that it was a very good stress reliver movie to watch, but now it's making me think...A LOT
This movie definitely should be a movie to study in schools...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So...I decided to revisit my blog after neglecting it for so long.
Instead of writing what have I been up to those last couple of weeks, I decided to just start fresh.
Leave behind my errors.
Leave behind my regrets.
After all, life is there to be lived right?
So anyway, I was getting back from Japanese school the other day, by train, and in my carriage, there were about 6 odd people.
1 guy and a girl sitting together. Facing opposite each other
1 guy on i-pod, sitting alone in a four sitter
4 guys chatting, sitting in a four sitter
Because I really had nothing to do, I decided to observe them.
Now I wasn't trying to stalk them or anything...But sometimes it can interesting.
The guy on the I-pod, had baggy eyes. They were pretty much grey. The white part of his eyes, were bloodshot.
The girl and the guy was talking quietly to themselves, with occasional laughs. I decided that they were 'friends'..For now anyway
The four guys. Now they were making pretty loud comments to each other. "You know Jack hooked up with Lily?" "No way? You serious?" "I saw them together at the party." They were talking about those stuff...The typical rumour stuff.
I decided to turn my attention away from them, and look outside. Which actually did make me wonder...'Why are humans so alike each other?' I mean, the guy with I-pod. I've seen those kind of people around...
The couple...I've been there, done that.
The four guys. They represent just about any teenagers. Us kids cannot survive without gossip. I wonder why?
Is it because we need to boost our self-esteem by putting someone inferior than us?
Or, because we just need something to talk about other than homework and the weather??
I'm not saying that I don't gossip about people here, because I do, we all do. It's part of nature. But I'm just questoning, what 'gear' is driving us to do this?
Opinions please =]

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mostly Martha

Hello my fellow bloggers =]
I know it's been some time since I last wrote a blog, but I am back~

I just finished watching a German film on SBS called 'Mostly Martha', and I gotta recommand it to anyone who is interested in comedy, romance, slice of life movies =]
Basically this is about a talented cook named Martha who is very career driven, and didn't care about anything else but cooking until when her sister died. Suddenly she is left with her 8 year old niece, and a new rival chef at her restaurant. This is a movie worth watching for those Juggling through love and career and other things.

Anyway, even though it's holidays now, I have been quite busy trying to catch on work, do new work and keeping myself off games (The yahoo downloadable ones, they are so addicting!) So I hope I can get over my addiction soon...But yeah >.>

"It's your restaurant, but her kitchen. Without her, it's just a pile of metal. It's for her to decide. " LOVE THIS QUOTE from Mostly Martha xD -Mario is so sweet!-

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh Happy Days

It's raining almost everyday now...Which makes everything even more depressing...
My Studio Art workbooks are due next week...Which I am going to die for since I have just discovered a variety of things I have not done...Plus I don't think the teacher likes my works. 

"Teachers only show you the door, you are the one who have to walk through it" = Great Quote. 

Yes...And that's all for now. Ciao~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yes I cannot be bothered to work on my Studio Art work brief...xD

So...The topic that everyone has been thinking these days: Swine flu (No, not Mel Gibson's divorce =.=) How do everyone feel about it? I think I am a bit scared of it...Since we hear stories about those who have been diagnosed with it been kept in their homes for weeks...Unable to go out and etc...Good thing there is no death yet here, but I don't think I can survive being kept in my house for more than a day >.>
If the schools are so afraid of it, I reckon they should just vaccine us or something...

Anyway...I did my International Studies SAC yesterday =]
All the questions were pretty okay...Except I fear of losing marks because I didn't define it properly or something T.T The worst part had to be the extended response though..<

Okay...Next topic...
Criminal Minds is on again this week =]
This ep stars the hot vampire from Moonlight! God I missed him. (How dare they axe Moonlight!) He stars a psycho killer in CM...And I must say it does make him look a bit crazy, but i still love him as a good actor <3

So...Today's quote: "A face that launched a thousand ships" We were reading a poem to do with Identity and Belonging today...But the author included AFL and Greek Mythology together, so it was pretty fun reading it =] Gah...I miss Greek Mythology...Haven't read it for ages..

Well, I better do some studies now...T.T
Have fun blogging, bloggers~

My introduction.

Hello fellow bloggers :D
This is my first time on, so please be nice =]
Let me introduce myself. My name is Jenny, and I currently reside in Melbourne, Victoria. I am a year 12 this year, and I go to girl school >.>
This year I am doing ESL, Japanese SL, Math Methods, International Studies and Studio Arts~ I did Revolutions last year=] (Yes, I am a failed Asian product xD)
I am thinking of doing Bachelor of Arts either at Monash or Melbourne...Not sure yet which is better....But I plan to do criminology, psychology/behaviour studies and Jap...Yes, they are interesting choices...I just want to do something to do with how criminals think, that's all =]
Umm...I like to read manga (I won't list it, since it's too long), and watch some anime occasionally. 

Hmm...*thinks* I have an almost geeky interest in history...Particularly of Greek Mythology, WWII and Cold War periods...(Anything which a big war, really...) I have no interest in science what so ever unless you include computers or genes =] 

Hmm...Yes, I think I'll finish it here, and type more for my other ones =]